Spots on Hold brings the creativity and production quality of advertising agencies to on-hold messaging.


70% of businesses place callers on hold, with an average hold time of 45 seconds
                                                                                                                          -- AT&T Survey

That’s free air time. Don’t waste it serenading your callers with elevator music. Let them know about a special offer. Suggest new products. Talk about your people and values. Drive callers to your website. Surprise them with something they didn’t know about your company. Make people feel glad they called you.



Choose from two types of on-hold messages:

1) Pre-recorded messages, $29.

Go to the $29 messages section of the site, where you can listen to on-hold messages on a wide range of topics for different types of business. Some are humorous, others are straightforward, but they all highlight important services and features.  To purchase an MP3 file of any message, please contact me with the message number.

2) Customize one of the pre-recorded messages with your company name and location, $100.

3) A four-minute message customized for your company, $400.



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If your current phone system doesn’t include a media player, I recommend Grace digital. Their GDI-USBM10 Business Music MP3 player is designed for use with most business telephone systems, including PBX, IBX and Key. You simply copy the MP3 file from your computer to the USB drive, insert the drive into the media player and your messages are up and running.




To purchase a message, please let me know the message number.

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